What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Wondering if your smile is worth improving? In numerous studies, most people admit that a healthy, confident smile can significantly improve someone’s attractiveness. More importantly, your smile is a dominant facial feature, and for better or worse, it can have a significant influence your overall self-image. For many people, though, improving their smiles might seem a bit overwhelming, especially if their teeth require more than simple teeth whitening. The truth, however, is that advanced cosmetic dentistry can provide dramatic improvements in less time, and with fewer treatments, than you may realize.

T/F Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

Effective teeth-whitening takes too long.

False—Teeth-whitening consists of a custom take-home kit so you can apply the bleaching agent on your own time. Optimal results usually take 10-14 days, but if that’s too long, then your dentist may recommend in-office whitening, which is typically completed during a single visit in just over an hour.

If teeth whitening doesn’t erase my stains, that means they’re permanent.

False—Though highly effective at erasing even stubborn surface stains, chemical teeth-whitening won’t suffice to improve stains that originate in your tooth’s main structure (dentin). Still, teeth-whitening isn’t your only option for brightening discolored teeth; if it doesn’t work, then you may benefit from cosmetic dental bonding, or custom-crafted porcelain veneers that are bonded to the fronts of your teeth.

If I have a cavity, I have to receive a metal dental filling.

False—For over a century and a half, metal amalgam has been the most popular dental filling material, mainly because of its strength and affordability. It’s also been notorious for the metallic gleam it lends the smiles of those who receive metal fillings. These days, we can fill a cavity-afflicted tooth with white composite-resin, which is tinted to match your tooth’s color and shade.

Learn More About the Value of Cosmetic Dentistry

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