How Does Cosmetic Bonding Repair Teeth?

We’re continuing our look at cosmetic dentistry! Today, we’re talking about a unique procedure that can often repair teeth in as little as one visit. How does cosmetic bonding repair teeth and what esthetic concerns can the procedure correct?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Bonding

Question: What dangers does a chipped tooth pose?

Answer: Without treatment a chipped tooth, even one with minor damage, can expose the sensitive inner layers of tooth structure to harmful bacteria. Soon, a cavity can form, leading to toothaches and tooth sensitivity. Over time, the untreated decay can eventually cause an infection can threaten the stability of the tooth.

Question: How does bonding fix teeth?

Answer: Treating a damaged tooth quickly is essential to maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. With bonding, we clean the tooth and gently etch the surface. We then prepare the composite resin material, shading it to blend with the tooth. We apply the material in multiple layers and then sculpt the tooth as it cures under a light. We then polish the tooth for a more natural appearance. The entire procedure only takes one visit to complete.

Question: What other cosmetic issues can the procedure address?

Answer: In addition to repairing chipped teeth, we can also close gaps between teeth, reshape malformed teeth, and even mask permanent discoloration, which may not otherwise respond to traditional teeth whitening.

Question: Can you also contour my tooth?

Answer: In the same visit we can also contour a tooth, which means gently buffing away a small amount of surface structure. We can remove any pits or grooves in the tooth’s surface or dull overly pointed teeth. The procedure only takes a few minutes and helps improve the esthetics of your smile. If you have any questions about dental bonding or contouring, then contact our team today.

Do You Need Dental Bonding in Keller, TX?

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