Dental Bridges

Custom Dental Bridges

Replacing a lost tooth offers a number of benefits for your smile and your long-term oral health. By replacing missing teeth, your bridge can improve the cosmetic appeal of your smile, as well as restore the proper alignment for a healthy bite. You can also reduce your risks of experiencing more dental health complications, including further tooth loss, by making your smile whole again. Typically, a dental bridge is most beneficial for patients who’ve lost a single tooth, or who’ve lost more than one tooth adjacent to one another.

How a Dental Bridge Works

A dental bridge consists of one or more replacement teeth, called pontics, that fit comfortably into the gap in your smile. The appliance is supported by crowns on either side that are bonded to the natural teeth nearby.  As a fixed appliance, a bridge is bonded permanently in place and cannot be removed unless your dentist removes it. However, many patients may qualify for an implant-supported bridge that is affixed to dental implant posts rather than your healthy teeth.

Find Out if You Can Use a Dental Bridge

If you’ve lost a tooth, or a couple of adjacent teeth, then find out if a fixed or implant-supported bridge is your best prosthetic option! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenkins, call our office in Ft. Worth, TX, at (817) 457-4078, or in Keller, TX, at (682) 593-0993. We proudly serve patients who live in Arlington, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Haltom City, Watauga, Southlake, Roanoke, and all surrounding communities.