The Many Advantages of Modern Dental Crowns

Did you know that your teeth cannot repair/rebuild themselves from damage like your bones and other body tissues can? Your troubled teeth need you, and luckily, much of dentistry’s advancements have focused on improving ways to restore your teeth and prevent future damage and disease. Dental crowns are an important innovation for this purpose, and though evidence suggests the idea has been around for centuries, today’s dental crowns can impress even the most diligent observers. Today, we explain a few of the many advantages of modern dental crowns(more…)

Are Tooth Extractions Really Necessary?

After spending most of your life doing all that you can to preserve your healthy, natural teeth, the suggestion that you need to have one or more teeth extracted can seem counterproductive. In most cases, your dentist will try to restore a tooth that is damaged or infected so that you can don’t lose the tooth and have to replace it. However, there are times when restoring a tooth may not be possible, in which case the only way to prevent it from endangering the rest of your oral health is to remove it. (more…)

How to Guard Against a Dental Emergency

You might not see a dental emergency coming, but with the right care and attention, you can protect your smile against the dangers of most of them. Like any urgent health situation, dental emergencies are serious, and your teeth can sustain permanent damage if you panic or neglect to seek attention. Since most emergencies involve damage to one or more of your teeth, keeping them strong, healthy, and clean can help your teeth survive most emergency situations. If an accident occurs, then your dentist will be ready to provide emergency treatment as soon as possible to increase your chances of saving your teeth. (more…)

What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Wondering if your smile is worth improving? In numerous studies, most people admit that a healthy, confident smile can significantly improve someone’s attractiveness. More importantly, your smile is a dominant facial feature, and for better or worse, it can have a significant influence your overall self-image. For many people, though, improving their smiles might seem a bit overwhelming, especially if their teeth require more than simple teeth whitening. The truth, however, is that advanced cosmetic dentistry can provide dramatic improvements in less time, and with fewer treatments, than you may realize. (more…)

Why Your Dentist Warns Against Dry Mouth

Have you ever felt so thirsty that you couldn’t seem to quench the dryness in your mouth? Thirst is normal, but extreme dryness in your mouth isn’t. Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, can result from a number of reasons. When it’s serious enough to be considered a condition, dry mouth can lead to a host of complications for your oral health. Today, we explain why moisture is one of the most important components of your oral health, and why you shouldn’t ignore the situation if your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva. (more…)

How Your Dentist Treats a Toothache

Besides regular checkups and cleanings, a toothache may be one of the most frequent reasons why people visit their dentists. After all, some toothaches can be so debilitating that you can’t accomplish anything else until you deal with the pain. In most cases, the increasing sensitivity is the result of an underlying dental issue, and therefore, it won’t go away until you visit your dentist for appropriate treatment. Depending on the specific nature of your toothache, that treatment may include improving your dental hygiene, addressing a cavity, helping you stop grinding your teeth, or more. (more…)

2 Things to Know About Root Canal Treatment

When your tooth is in the grips of severe decay, there are several things you should know about treating the tooth. For instance, if the pain is severe and caused by an infection in your tooth’s inner chamber (called the pulp), then root canal therapy may be the only way to alleviate the pain. It might also be the only way to save your tooth from being lost, or from requiring extraction due to extensive decay. After a careful examination, your dentist can help you better understand root canal treatment and why it might be necessary to restore your smile. (more…)

How to Avoid the Need for a Filling

Cavities, a product of tooth decay, are the most common dental health concern among patients of all ages. That’s because tooth decay develops from something that everyone is constantly exposed to—the harmful oral bacteria that make up dental plaque. Fortunately, cavities and tooth decay can often be treated with a simple, discreet tooth-colored filling. However, preventing tooth decay and cavities from forming in the first place is better for your long-term oral health. Today, we explore how you can avoid the need for a filling by preventing the onset of cavities, and how prevention benefits your smile. (more…)

How ClearCorrect® Straightens Smiles without Braces

Malocclusion (tooth misalignment) can occur to different degrees for different patients. Some may experience only slight misalignment that could be corrected with a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, such as porcelain veneers. Others may exhibit malocclusion so severe that orthodontic braces are necessary to correct them before the imbalance damages your teeth. Fortunately, many patients who exhibit serious tooth misalignment can straighten their smiles without having to rely on traditional metal braces, thanks to the innovative ClearCorrect® system of clear aligners. (more…)

Curious About Veneers? Ask Your Dentist!

You may not always think about how your smile looks, but if you aren’t happy with its appearance, then that dissatisfaction can spring up every time you interact with other people. For some patients, improving their smiles can be as simple as a convenient teeth-whitening procedure. For others, the process may be more complicated, especially if they have several different cosmetic concerns to deal with. Fortunately, even seemingly complex smile improvement can often be accomplished simply, with one or more porcelain veneers. (more…)