Other Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Most of today’s restorative dental treatments have a strong cosmetic aspect to them. Besides being strong and healthy, you should also be proud of your teeth’s overall appearance. When it comes to filling cavities, which are the most common chronic dental concern, dentists often prefer to place tooth-colored fillings rather than metal ones. Their ability to blend in discreetly with natural tooth structure makes them as cosmetically beneficial to your smile as they are necessary for your tooth’s heath. However, some of the more important advantages of tooth-colored fillings don’t involve your tooth’s appearance; they involve how well the resin of the filling interacts with your healthy, natural teeth. (more…)

Enjoy Over 400 Events at ALL-CON 2018!

If you like conventions, then you’ll love ALL-CON! Since 2005, the community-produced fandom convention has brought features from science fiction, Cosplay, gaming, film, and performance arts all to one convention for fans across the Dallas, Texas metroplex! ALL-CON 2018 is a four-day convention lasting from Thursday, March 15th to Sunday, March 18th at the InterContinental Hotel in Addison, Texas. For tickets and a comprehensive list of this year’s features, visit ALL-CON.org. (more…)

Things You Should Know About Crooked Teeth

As an adult, you might have trouble believing that your teeth have somehow become crooked, especially if you never needed braces as a child. However, the longer you fail to address it, the more of an impact your condition can have on your overall oral health. If your teeth are crooked, then you may not immediately know the importance of straightening them. Today, we examine a few things that you should know about crooked teeth, including the fact that you may be able to correct them without having to rely on traditional orthodontic braces.   (more…)

How Veneers Play into Your Smile Makeover

It’s no secret that everyone’s dental health is unique, so when you want to improve the appearance of yours, your cosmetic dental treatment should be highly personalized. For instance, some patients may only need a touchup to erase teeth stains or repair a chipped tooth. Others, however, often require more than just a touchup due to multiple types of blemishes on one or more teeth. For more involved smile makeovers, veneers often play an important role in helping patients enjoy a more attractive smile while minimizing the number of procedures they need to undergo. (more…)

How Bonding Makes a Chipped Tooth No Big Deal

Not everyone is bothered by the appearance of chipped tooth. For some people, the small imperfection can be endearing. However, for your dental health, a chipped tooth is never a good thing. Like any type of tooth damage, a chip in your tooth structure can diminish the tooth’s structural integrity, making it more susceptible to even more severe damage. To avoid this, your dentist will recommend restoring the tooth and making it whole again. In many cases, the best way to do that is with minimally invasive cosmetic tooth bonding. (more…)