Could Professional Whitening Be Key to a Brighter Smile?

Could Professional Whitening Be Key to a Brighter Smile?Do you hate seeing yourself in photographs, or even checking your reflection in the mirror, because of how embarrassed or even frustrated you feel by your smile’s deep staining? Discoloration of the teeth can lead to insecurity showing one’s smile, and a general lack of confidence. Fortunately, for most people professional teeth whitening provides a fast and effective way of reversing tooth stains, in order to reveal a noticeably whiter smile. Ready to see if professional cosmetic treatment could help make your teeth pearly white once again? (more…)

What’s Better for Dental Health?

What’s Better for Dental Health?As someone committed to keeping your smile healthy, you may have already taken many steps to keep your teeth in great shape. That might include brushing your teeth twice a day, without fail, and even seeing the dentist regularly for preventive checkups and cleanings. But there are lots of other choices, ones you likely make on a daily basis, that could be impacting your oral health, either positively or negatively. So it’s important to ask yourself, “Am I making smart choices for preserving my dental health?”


Enjoy Texas-sized Fun This Summer at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Enjoy Texas-sized Fun This Summer at the Texas Cowboy Hall of FameLooking for a fun way to help your kids get a great education over the summer? Maybe you’re just looking for affordable ways to beat the Texas heat. Do you have a child obsessed with playing cowboy, or Western culture in general? In any case, the Trail Tales – Summer Reading Program is a great way to spend time as a family. Throughout the months of June and July there will be weekly reading times beginning at 10 a.m. every Saturday, at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, in Fort Worth. This is a great chance for children to enjoy storytime, as well as guided tours of the museum! In other words, why not give your kids ample chances to enjoy Texas-sized summer fun in the Stockyards? (more…)

Ready for a Smile Makeover? Talk to Your Cosmetic Dentist

Ready for a Smile Makeover? Talk to Your Cosmetic DentistWhen was the last time you posed proudly for a photograph, or even excitedly showed off your smile? If you’re feeling insecure when showing your teeth, it’s time to talk to your cosmetic dentist. Smile makeovers make it possible to address most causes of dental embarrassment, from deep staining to minor spacing problems, to a host of inconsistencies in the teeth’s size, shape or shade. Plus, smile makeovers can help leave patients with the kind of confidence that comes only from knowing one has a beautiful smile. If you want to know what that feels like, or to simply enjoy that kind of confidence again after man years of embarrassment, talk to your cosmetic dentist about how a smile makeover could help you! (more…)

Do You Need Restorative Dental Treatment?

Do You Need Restorative Dental Treatment?Are you having a hard time enjoying meals, snacks and even sips of your favorite drink, lately, all because of dental discomfort? Sensitivity and discomfort are common warning signs of enamel erosion, perhaps to the point of a cavity or even a tooth infection. Fortunately, when dental issues are detected early, minimally invasive restorative treatment can usually help to improve the comfort and even the appearance of the smile. So there is no reason to worry if you are experiencing sensitivity. You simply need to schedule a restorative dental consultation, so a dentist can help determine the cause of it, and then treat the issue accordingly. (more…)

What Makes ClearCorrect Different Than Traditional Braces?

What Makes ClearCorrect Different Than Traditional Braces?Have you always dreamed of having a straighter, more beautiful smile, but been too embarrassed to even talk to your dentist about the possibility of wearing braces? As people get older, many find their smiles are noticeably misaligned. Noticeable gaps between the teeth and crowding that can cause both cosmetic concerns and even difficulty flossing can be particularly embarrassing. Fortunately, many cosmetic dentists now offer patients an alternative to spending years in metal braces, which can be embarrassing in their own right. ClearCorrect treatment provides both a more natural-looking and often more comfortable way to create a straighter smile! (more…)

Are You Drinking Too Much Sugar for Good Dental Health?

Are You Drinking Too Much Sugar for Good Dental Health?Over the past few years, have you made an effort to eat healthier? This could mean that you have added more green vegetables to your dinner plate, or made a habit of starting your day with a hearty breakfast. But what about when it comes to your drinking glass? Could you be consuming a lot more sugar than you think, because of your daily soda, coffee, or tea habit? For many people, drinks are a source of shockingly high amounts of sugar. Even seemingly healthy options can often be laden with added sugars. If you really want to protect your dental health, not to mention the rest of your body, it’s important to consider how what you are drinking could affect both! (more…)

Suffering from Jaw Pain and Headaches? Bruxism Treatment Could Help

Suffering from Jaw Pain and Headaches? Bruxism Treatment Could HelpWhen you wake up do you frequently suffer from headaches? If you yawn or even laugh, does your jaw hurt? Is chewing uncomfortable? Have you heard popping noises in your ear? Do the edges of your teeth look excessively worn? Many people don’t realize that all these symptoms can be indication of bruxism, the name for subconscious teeth grinding. While bruxism can be difficult to diagnose initially, since most people don’t realize they have begun grinding their teeth, the good news is that in most cases it can be treated with minimally invasive treatment. If you could be struggling with bruxism, you should talk to your general dentist about how simple treatment could help. (more…)

Are There Warning Signs of Dental Problems?

Are There Warning Signs of Dental Problems?Have you been wondering, lately, if you could be suffering from a dental problem without even realizing it? While not all patients exhibit noticeable symptoms when suffering from common issues like cavities or even gum disease, many patients do experience indicators that their smiles could be in trouble. By paying attention to changes in your smile, and just as importantly seeing your dentist regularly for dental checkups, you can help to prevent the chance of developing severe dental problems. Better yet, with proper care you can help to avoid them in the first place. (more…)

Want to Have Fun This Summer as a Family? Don’t Miss Keller Summer Nights

Want to Have Fun This Summer as a Family? Don’t Miss Keller Summer NightsLooking to make some summer plans your whole family can enjoy? If so, you don’t have to head far. In fact, why not look to the City of Keller for some great entertainment right here in town? The city will be hosting Keller Summer Nights, which involves live music and family-friendly movies, every Thursday night in June. This year’s entertainment includes lots of blockbuster hits, plus amazing local talent. (more…)